So one moment I’m thinking to myself .. “OMG it’s August!”
And the next moment I’m thinking .. “Is August really almost over?”
So before the following moment happens where I’m questioning how it’s somehow already September, let’s take the time to celebrate this favorite month of mine and all of the gorgeousness it brings.
(I may be a littttle partial due to it also being my BIRTHDAY month!)

Laced, Peter Pan collars
.. that’ll always make this chick holler

Willow doing her cat-walk + Sequined, ballet flats + Pink, ballerina skirts

| Strappy, contrasted (and unbelievably comfortable) wedges |
| Baggy, menswear inspired, forest green pants cuffed into capris |

Fully living out my life motto:
“Today I am excited about everything.”

Shoulder Pads ~ or ~ Disco Balls?

 Lastly, but most importantly, wedding season!
Endless congratulations to the beautiful newlyweds, Briana & Gatlin.

And stay tuned – I’ll be sure to post all about my birthday celebrations as well.
I’m turning (I don’t know about you but I’m feeling) 22 on the 30th.
* So much YAY! Who doesn’t loooove birthdays!? *


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