Bohemian Fairytale


• Workin’ those bohemian vibes •

Pants: Lauren Conrad Runway Collection | Kimono: Gap | Tee: JCP | Shoes: T.J. Maxx

I’m telling you … these pants make you feel like you’re in an actual fairytale.

I’ve worn them before, in which case you’d notice they were usually longer and cinched at my ankle … but this time around I decided to bunch them up to my calves and let the excess material flow over so they mimicked loose-flowing capris.
(Who doesn’t looove versatility!?)

I also just so happened to wake up feeling like I wanted to rock-and-roll with some boho-inspired styling. So I paired/contrasted this number with my favorite kimono and metallic/nude platform sandals. Calling this outfit a bohemian fairytale.


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