Blue Jeans | NYC | Iced Coffee

Somethin’ about a new pair of patchy-keen jeans that fit just right ..
ya feel me, ZBB?

Jeans: AE | Blouse: JCP | Heels: K-Mart

The Javits Center is already magical to begin with ..
but the aesthetic of the Coterie Show was just one big swoooon.
Heart eyes on heart eyes .. am I right!?
Love any and all trips to the Big Apple.

A little happiness to-go!
I don’t know if any of you are coffee-aholics like myself ..
but Dunkin’ releasing their Bottled Iced Coffees made me extra caffeinated.
I mean happy .. extra happy!

PS –
Only 16 more days till Spring!
I’m already feeling warmer just thinking about it.


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