Road Trippin’


East Coast Road Trip
  PA – SC – FL – SC – VA – PA •
Photo Diary

While the blizzard left the whole east coast in an unexpected cold front –
we were still able to get away and soak in a little bit of sunshine, admire the palm trees and breathtaking beachy-keen views, chase some stunning sunrises and sunsets, and (most importantly) avoid the 32 inches of snow we received back home.

Did I mention I got to gaze at this handsome man my whole trip?
He sure made one good-looking, and may I say jacked, pilot.

We’ll be back oh so soon for more of these incredible views and, hopefully, even warmer weather! We’re counting down the days already. (45 is it? *eek*)

There’s just somethin’ about the south that’s so hard not to love.


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