Celebrating love with my love.

I love being this guy’s +1.
I love weddings.
I love love.

And, *surprise*, I love dressing up.
But what I love even more is dressing up for a steal!
This dress? A whopping $3.99! Snatched this number from my local K-Mart – yup … you heard that right. Stumbled upon it by happenchance amidst doing my typical errands and grocery shopping. An unexpected gem that turned out to be such a fun, twirly, simple, easy, chic, classic, flattering dress! Truly … all of those things!

Moral of the story? Always remember …
Never base your outfit or style by the price or by the name brand.
It’s all what you make of it, what you do with it, and how you feel in it.

Who else has a style steal story worth celebrating?


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