Mascara Must


My make up routine has always been quite minimal.
But when it comes to mascara, I’m always lashing out for the bigger and the bolder.
So when I discovered Blinc Mascara Amplified – I fell in love and never looked back.

1 – Not only does it provide buildable volume and length, but ..
2 – It forms a tube around each lash.

Okay, but … why do I love this fact so much?
Well it goes back to why I didn’t love other mascaras so much.

I always felt like I never truly got all of my mascara off. I’d hop out of the shower, after already washing my face and my make up off, yet would still have dark circles left under my eyes. So then – shout out to Vaseline for saving the day – would have to wash my face again just to finally remove the rest of it. And when you already have dark circles to begin with like I do (thanks, mom) (jk, still love you) – you don’t want your mascara adding to them.

So how does Blinc Mascara wash off?
With a little bit of water and a little bit of pressure. That is it!

Makes my eyes pop and is removed in a snap.
Wink-worthy and a total overall win.

This then leads me into talking about my favorite little online retailer for my beauty products … Dermstore! I think they’re a hidden, and beyond underrated, gem – but they are my go-to and I’m truly such a fan. They always offer free standard shipping, and – more often than not (I’m talking 9 out of 10 times here) – coupon codes. Aka … free shipping AND a discount on your splurge-worthy beauty goodies!? SO much yes! You will only regret not checking them, and all of their goodness, out.

What mascara is a must-have in your beauty bag?


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