Gift Guide: Beauty Babe

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Beauty-filled gift ideas for all of the beauty-full babes in our lives!

Booty Sleep Duo Gift Set | They had me at “booty sleep” … I love a good pun. And of course a good eye mask and sleep mask, too.
Mini Flat Iron | Cute, portable, and convenient … triple yes!
Shimmering Powder for Face and Body | Shimm(y/er), shimm(y/er) … allllll over.
YSL Black Opium | My absolute FAV perfume! Coffee, vanilla, and flower aromas combined and I *literally* have to stop myself from spritzing this all over.
Minimergency Kit | 17 must-haves tucked into an adorable mini emergency kit that is a must-have in your purse.
Ambre Glow | A moisturizer that is not only incredibly good for the skin, but leaves it with an all over shimmer glow effect!
Brush Set | A set of 5 cheery, colorful brushes to contour, I mean conquer, all of your beauty needs.
Holographic Cosmetic Bag | Your favorite products deserve a glamorous home of their own.
Magic Star Collector’s Set | The packaging of this gift set alone will win you over, but everything included is even better!
Available For Weekends Toiletries Bag | Because just like we like switching up our purses, our cosmetics also like to switch up their bags.
Boob Math Mat | Do I really need to sell you on this one? I didn’t think so.


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