Sweet, Sweet …

…  Summmmatime!
 Wednesday marked the official start and I am *beaming* with happiness.

 • Peeks from the week 

And my adoration for white pants is just as endless as usual.
They are so sleek, so flattering, and they go with – literally – anything.
Loved pairing them this time around with this baby blue and white striped tunic and dressing them up with a pair of brown wedges … a perfect work-to-play ensemble.
What’s not to love … who’s with me?

Blooms for June!

Day Off Attire –
Hat? Bae’s. Ring? Bae’s. Me? Yay’s!
(Bae’s old belongings are always the best accessories, am I right!?)

Saturday’s are for the … bae getting glasses!
… annnd 100% guilty of having him model majority of the frames for me.

Sunday sweeets!
(Almost too pretty to eat!)

Happy day! Happy week!
On to *celebrate* the next one.



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  1. Love the minimalism

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