Gift Guide: But First, Coffee

Coffee obsessed? Uhm … yes.
So I figured there was no better way to kick off this season’s gift guides then with one all about the very thing I kick off my every-single-day with … yup … coffee. And, because, let’s face it … I’m not the only coffee crazy out there. So here’s a bunch of super cute goodies to keep that fellow coffee queen in your life fully caffeinated and full of perk!

Not Without My Coffee Tee | Because we not only like to drink our  coffee … we like to flaunt it loud and proud on our t-shirts, too.
Merry Everything Mug | Merry! Happy! Jolly! Holidays! Plus coffee!? Yup … Yay!
But First Coffee Thermal Mug | First and foremost … and in metallic gold … your coffee has just been upgraded.
Heart Mug | No other way to show how much you love coffee then by drinking it right out of a mug that’s in the shape of a heart.
Coffee Till Cocktails Cap | Because us coffee crazies are typically cocktail crazies, too.
Gimme Coffee Candle | Let’s just be honest here … who doesn’t want their whole house smelling brew-tifully? (Aka – a mix of expresso, sugar, and cream aromas. YUM!)
Frank Body Shimmer Coffee Scrub & Babe Coffee Body Scrub  | Two different coffee body scrubs … both with stunning and sassy (a bonus in my book) packaging … both clear and obvious winners.
Kate Spade Thermal Mug | “Make mine a double” … and make this thermal a homer.
Coffee Canister | When that back stock of coffee is overflowing, you need a real pretty place to display it … I mean store it.

Who else loves their cup o’ joe as much as I do!?



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  1. Absolutely love the Franks coffee scrub. My skin always feels amazing after and super smooth! Thanks for some ideas 🙂

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