Resolutions → Reminder:

Pretty Words

Time flies and this life is sweet.
Always be kind to every person you meet.
Appreciate all of those
who are always by your side,
and the big guy above
who blessed you with this remarkable ride.
You may be small,
but this world is so huge.
Know that you can shape this beautiful life
however you wish to choose.
Iced coffee in the morning
and a cocktail at night.
Do only what makes you happy,
because you must focus on those little delights.
If something new scares you,
I hope you still give it a chance.
If you stumble along the way,
I hope you turn it into a new dance.
May you gather up all your might
and step out of your comfort zone,
because it’s only in that moment
that you realize you’re finally home.


While I never seem to make a list of resolutions come the start of each new year –
I always love the inspiration, the goal-setting, and the intent behind them.
And although I may not do “lists” … I’m still always, always, always for pretty words –
anything that (too) encourages creativity, dreaming, kindness, love, happiness, optimism.
And, so, I turned my pretty words or “resolutions” into a little everyday reminder.


.. bon weekend, everyone!


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