August Recap


I feel like life has been crazy!
Crazy busy. Crazy fun. Crazy loved.
And I’ll happily sign myself up for more
of this crazy, fun sweetness any day of the week!

But since August flew by in a *literal* blink of an eye …
I just have to recap a few of the month’s highlights for all of ya!
Because August is, always, one of my favorite months.

August 30th marked my (25th) birthday!!
And all that I know is that I don’t know how I got lucky enough to
celebrate this crazy, beautiful life with all of those that I do! So *beepin’* blessed!
Also .. this guy right here made sure I was treated like a
damn princess and my heart just wants to explode over it!!!

Then the day prior – the 29th – is Nicholas’s and my anniversary!
And let’s just say I was spoilllllled sillllllly!
But let’s also just say I am soOo not hating
these back-to-back celebrations … hehe *YAY*

The s’more summer nights like these,
the merrier!

Best mail day?
When your Magnolia Journal arrives.

Fresh blooms!
(On the regular, please!)

If you know me …
you know the glitzier, the better!

We also celebrated our sweet Pudgy’s pupiversary!
Like .. just look at this munchkin!! HE IS SO LOVED.

Finding out your favorite Moscato
comes in miniature bottles!! AHHH!!

To sum it all up?
I am one happy, blessed, thankful gal!


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